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How to commission an original work

Orit Zeidman introduces a new and innovative concept in original art, a dialogue between a painting and its surroundings. As an artist, Orit believes that art should be integrated with and be a part of its surrounding. Her talent is also expressed in her unique ability to perceive the environment and the general ambience, and bring its nature into the painting.

In our experience, the best way is to provide us with as many details and information, as possible, on the space in which the painting is designated for. If the design of the surroundings has been completed, please provide pictures of the complete space as a reference for the artist, and any other information that is relevant to the nature of the space.

You will always get Orit's recommendation but it is also advice to go over the different galleries in the site. There are more than 50 works that can be serves as a source of inspiration. Designers and customers frequently refer to their favorite piece and state if they are interested in a similar style. There is always the option of giving the artist a free hand to create a completely new idea.

In order to save shipping costs we ship the paintings, unframed.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.

Thank you