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Orit Zeidman,  Ambient Art.
A new and stunning concept in original art.

The international artist, Orit Zeidman, who enjoys rave reviews, introduces a new and revolutionary concept in original fine art. Zeidman's powerful creations are abstract and have a strong presence.
The concept behind her work is creating a dialogue between a painting and its surroundings. As an artist, Zeidman believes that art should be integrated with, and be a part of, the surroundings' design.
Orit Zeidman gets her inspiration from the style and ambience surrounding the painting. Her talent is also expressed in her unique ability to perceive the environment and integrate its nature into the painting.
A dialogue, also with the client or the designer, eventually determines the nature of the piece. The result is a customized, original, one of a kind painting, created specifically for the customer's space.
Her unique technique also provides an answer to the difficulties of incorporating pre-made artwork into an existing environment.
Zeidman's talent and innovative creation is groundbreaking.
Last spring she won the "Best Of Show Award" at the "NeoCon" exhibition in Chicago. On the October 2004 issue, the "Interior Design" magazine, published an item regarding her art work and the innovative concept. And just recently her work was awarded with the top Platinum ADEX 2004 Award.
Customers, architects, designers, decorators and art consultants who want to commission a work, are encouraged to send over images of the space for which the painting is designated.